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The Programme

KidzTechCentre is an educational centre which specially designed for kids aged 7-12 in order to fulfil needs to catch up with the current STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) learning trend. It is a unique approach which consists of non-boring, non-formal education programmes that kids learn daily in their normal school.

In KidzTechCentre, there will be series of exploration in various subjects -- Engineering & Technology, Application Programming, Language, as well as Practical Science.

In this centre too, we emphasize the children ‘s everyday etiquette as well as character building inspired by the Japanese good ethics in order to develop a better, new Malaysia.

Our Goals

At KidzTechCentre, children harness technology to make new discoveries and new creations. With a diverse curriculum including engineering, programming, robotics, and product making—as well as life skills, daily habits, and plenty of exercise—children develop confidence, creativity, and computer savvy in ways beyond what school, public programs, and homelife alone can offer.

KidzTechCentre is not a cram school, club, or classroom. It is, at its core and by design, a unique technical learning programme

Our Intention

We strive to share our passion in science and technology especially with the young generation of Malaysians.

We BELIEVE in education and we do believe that every child deserve to receive the best education that they can have, without prejudice.

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. -John Dewey

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